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Friday, 19 August 2011

Do you need a water heater?

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Aquarium Heaters - Do You Really Need One?

Thinking about the temperature of the water in your tank or aquarium it can be awfully difficult to maintain so its vitally important you have an aquarium heater to safeguard you Betta Fish. There are two reasons for this. 

  • Firstly, your Betta Fish can find it difficult to fight off any infections if it gets stressed out due to the water being too cold, also applies to diseases you fish will get if stressed. This can happen over time and mainly due to its immune system going down again de to the water temperature which proves why it'snecessary to have a heater.

  • Secondly, research shows that your Betta is known to like the water temperature to be around 75 and up to 80 degrees. Beware if the temperature goes above or below that range then it can become tired and unresponsive. Even more important if this is in a larger tank or aquarium where monitoring the temperature becomes a science. The following link puts you through to an expert who knows what he is talking about,

Lets not forget that your Betta Fish are sensitive creatures and know when the temperature of the water fluctuates so you have to keep the temperature consistent in the tank.The fish simply won't handle the extreme changes. Stay alert and monitor any slight changes in temperature even a few degrees and the fish will know.

Measure your tank properly and have the measurements with you when you buy your tank because there is nothing more frustrating than getting the tank home and the heater doesn't fit, remember if it's an internal heater can it be properly inserted. If you can take the tank to the store and have a specialist have a look at it, this will save you time and money.

Well moving on, there are two Types of Heating Systems:


Ask Mike Worthington for advice on your tank set up, you can find the advice by following this site and I will add more content as time goes by. Any questions feel free to email me.

Cold Spots and Hot Spots could occurr if you don't have adequate water circulation and you guessed it, the Betta Fish DO NOT like it, told you they are sensitive creatures. To give you an idea of costings for the heaters, well they retail from $20 to $50 if you wanted to and can afford it there are models that will cost alot more.

Internal Tank Heating Systems.

Internal heating systems consist of a glass tube measuring from 4 inches to 12 inches long. Shop around because reatilers offer different systems, one of which has a built-in thermostat. Another alternative can be an external thermostat, usually outside the tank and are usually used to control multiple heating units.

External Tank Heating Systems.

There are several different models of external heating systems, such as a model which fits under the tank and heats the water from below, or one that connects to the filtering system.  Many retailers will have the systems available both online and off.

Hope to speak to you all again soon with more hints and tips. Click here to claim your betta fish care package or ebook from a leading expert,


Can you have male and female fish together?

Do you want to know how to care for Betta Fish?

Here I will show you the right way!!

What is a Betta Fish? They are simply a small, colorful freshwater tropical fish. Also they are commonly known as betta, beta, or put another way the siamese fighting fish. How do you care for them well see Mike Worthington offers a great service and advice.

The betta Fish is a breathtaking fish that takes most of its oxygen from the surface of the water, thereby able to to survive in water starved of oxygen, truly amazing. Lets look at the male of the species, it is recognised as a long finned, colourful and graceful looking fish.

It has an upturned mouth, its body can measure around three inches and can usually be found to have deep red, blue or a whole host of colours.  The female variety of the Betta Fish can usually be identified as having shorter fins and less colour than its male counterpart.

Females can be trusted to live together but if you put males together they will fight for domination and mostly until death, therefore you can keep a male with other females or other species of fish in an aquarium.

Betta Fish can be housed in a tank and can be relatively maintenance free. Look after your Betta, treat it with love and care.

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